ACAPULCO REDUX, project Julien Despres (Fra)

The Light, The Sound, The Rhythm, The Noise, as the title of the Flipper group, holds as a deterrent in the case of French guitarist Julien Desprez, as the light, sound, rhythm and noise are the inseparable integral part of his Acapulco Redux musical and lighting project.

The Acapulco Redux project has been born from the concept to develop a musical form that is capable of accepting and reviving all the sounds of any genre or musical aesthetics. Without watching it, it’s hard to imagine that Julien is actually playing a guitar that is transformed into a different tool with various effects, pedals and other technical drainage. With cut-up manipulation it produces sounds that are on a good track of glitch failure. If his fingers dance with chords, he is slim with his feet as a tap-water dancer and does not only manage the sound, but also the light of flashing and strong white LEDs, which intensify the abruptness and penetration of his concert performance for the musician, electric guitar and lighting.

Acapulco Redux breaks hearing, vision, pulse and whole body. It destroys the flow of sound, time and space, and triggers the emergence of new musical densities that, without taking into account the space, remain unimaginable, so it is not unusual to experience it live. To look at it with open ears and listen with open eyes and remember it as the unique sound-lighting fireworks of the Twentieth Saheeh.

Julien Desprez – guitar




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