More than the fact that Bostjan Simon is a graduate of philosophy at the Ljubljana Faculty of Philosophy on the theme of John Cage in the context of a discourse on the end of art, which later completed the study of jazz saxophone at the Amsterdam Conservatory, it is worth pointing out that he is the initiator and founding member of numerous ensembles and projects: Big Band Nova, Trus !, There Be Monsters, Vanilla Riot, Velkro, Trans Trio, Iori Trio and Litosht. He is interested in different approaches in improvisation, exploring sound with alternative techniques, using effects and live sound sampling. After numerous collaborations and projects, for example, with Trevor Watts, Zlatko Kaučič, Seamus Blake, Jos Zwaanenburg, Sanne van Heck, Larry Grenadier, Robert Jukic, Dreje Hočevar, etc., he started a solo project whose sound building is analogue electronics.

If Appulse is an expression in astronomy, which denotes the apparent convergence of two celestial bodies, at the observation of which we get the feeling that these bodies will collide, and is a game of perspective and objective reality in the form of planets and stars, the Appulso solo project Boštjan Simon it investigates the richness of polyrhythmia by means of a semimodular system of analog synthesizers and the rhythm of machines. Polytrhythm creates a kind of hologram in music, which consists of two complementary rhythmic structures. The third level of the rhythm is epiphenomenal in nature and occurs above individual rhythmic patterns, just as the hologram appears as a product of the intersection of individual lasers. By shifting attention from one rhythm to another, we detect their mutual position in time and place it in a perspective that can be called “propulsive rhythmic sensation”.

Bostjan Simon – Arturia Minibrute 2S, Drumbrute, Moog DFAM, Makenoise 0-coast, DSI Evolver and OTO Biscuit.

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