Hungary has no sea, but has a musical tandem Belau, which with its light and bright chillwave and downtempo electro-pop conjures the sea atmosphere of sunsets and relaxed enjoyment. “Forget about the occupancy and monotony of everyday life, get rid of the hinges and experience every moment in full,” said Peter Kedves and Buzas Krisztian, who are inviting relaxed resting in the happy places of sunshine, where you can unlock and find peace and harmony. Instead of being on the seaside terrace, this time on the Sotočje beach will present its sweet cocktail of original casual bumblebees and remodeling.

At home, in Hungary, the award-winning Belau music project has made a series of small and large records in four years, has toured in more than twenty countries, with his music he has appeared in the HBO series Aranyélet (Golden Life) and also in what kind of a commercial. Last released solo Breath with singer Sophie Lidinger from Leyy’s band announced the upcoming album, and in the long run, aims to release a series of conceptual LPs that will capture the vibrations of different regions of the world – Sajeta is an excellent opportunity to capture the beat and atmosphere of the Confluence.

Peter Kedves
Buzas Krisztian





Belau – Breath feat. Sophie Lindinger

Belau – Island of Promise feat. Hegyi Dóri

Belau – Open Water feat. Myra Monoka

Belau – You and i feat. Szécsi Böbe


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