ELISA BATTI & CYB (Ita / Nld) Live Set

Italian techno productions in CYB and Elisa Batti’s Amsterdama released its first EP last year for the US publishing house Detroit Underground, and after the founding of their own Immaterial Archives, they released the EP with remixes by Michal Jablonsky and Wrong Assessment in 2018. With this they crowned the introductory years of joint work on the techno scene, where they are active as producers and DJs. Their techno sound is balanced, it has both a soothing minimal (output) and raw techno padding, and the derivatives of IDM add to its diversity.

Environmental engineer Elisa Batti started her musical career in 2007 as a composer for a modern dance scene. She has developed several sound installations for summer festivals, visual artists, theaters and galleries. Violet Fall, founded in 2012 and released two albums for the Progressive Form Japan, focused on techno and began collaborating with CYB. After drumming in bands Ulan Bator, Object, Dilatazione and La Band del Brasiliano, he was engaged in synthesizers and drums, and he also dedicated himself to creating music for advertisements, visual performances and dance spots. .

Elisa Batti – DJ

The project will be presented in cooperation with HYBRIDA SPACE (Ita)








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