faUSt (Fra / Ger)

Creative Sajet camp, its friends, citizens and residents, we could not wish for a better gift for our twentieth birthday, such as the hosting of the Krautrock giant faUSt. Honored, half-euphorically and with a kiss of nerves, the first appearance of the biggest and most radical experimental rock group of all time is expected. And attention, Janez Golic reminds us in a review http://www.rockobrobje.com/faust_r9.html of the last album two years ago: “It was impossible and unjust to expect a” surplus “, something that today would have shocked all the spoiled listeners. Faust offered its revolution on the first four albums from the early 1970s. This is incomplete in one way or another. The “fresh air” album is just proof that veterans do not have to calm down over the years. They stubbornly insist on their principles, regardless of the changed situation. They do not know otherwise. “Art-errorist Jean-Hervé Peron and Werner Werner” Zappi “Dyermaier do not sell old glory, but continue to explore and reluctantly develop their uncompromising ideas into hypnotic and unrelenting works that go beyond the established standards, they reject conventional convention and are again a new, devastating, yet uninvited experience. Even live, on a concert stage, and that’s why the expectation is so enthusiastic and impatient.

Jean-Herve Peron – bass, trumpet, voice
Werner »Zappi« Diermaier – drums
Amaury Cambuzat – guitar


WEB: http://faust-news.blogspot.com/


VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HkrfU6MHQ8U

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