Pianist, composer and improviser Paul Taylor of Newcastle has, in recent years, endeared with concerts and guest performances at jazz festivals and a series of albums, and above all with a demonstrated dedication to piano and deep playing, he has drawn considerable attention at home and across Europe to make him one of the most innovative and the emerging pianists from the UK – the International Piano Magazine even declared him a rare phenomenon. His musical language is distinguished by the original and current technique. Unusual harmony and basic soundness give his recitals an evocative charge, address and seduce them. A deep gift to classical music that does not serve as a foundation, but inspires it in a kind of way and inspires the inspiration for the beauty and purity of its musical language, it is not caught in the trap of conventional and predictable clichés, but is ingeniously skipped. The seemingly quiet serbian pianist does not patronize his restless artistic soul for the piano, and he likes to make improvisation, after which he also became famous. His solo recitals are rhapsodic journeys that lead the listener through turns and turns, complicated harmony and classic vignettes. For some it is magical, for others wonderful, but nobody gives up the originality and timelessness.

Paul Taylor – piano




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