Dark, thick and viscous as oil is the sound of the Petrolio project, embodied by Enrico Cerrato, a longtime actor of the Italian musical underworld. Following the metal band Infection Code, industrial Gabbiainferno and jazz / noise / punk band Moksa, a new project was launched in 2015. He replaced the guitar with synthesizers, samplers and other electronic devices and stepped in the direction of experimental electronics. With heavy sounds and sticky structures, it leads us through concrete-industrial sound landscapes straight into its dark, dream world. Already with the debut of Di Cosa Si Nasce, which appeared in the international co-production of several labels, he attracted the attention of the international noise experimental scene. After appearances across Europe, at the beginning of 2018, the Canadian label Low Noise Prod. published by EP Intramoenia: Noises for Angela with noisy industrial music for performance by Angele Teodorovsky, was followed in the autumn by the album L + Esistenza with twelve compositions created in collaboration with various artists, with Aidan Becker (Nadja), Sigillum S, Jochen Arbeit Einstürzende Neubauten, Die Haut, Automat, AADK, etc.), MaiMaiMai, Fabrizio Modoneseom Palumbo (Almagest !, (r), Blind Cave Salamander, Coypu, Larsen, XXL) and Narex Ran. We have a repair with a masterpiece of melancholy noise and pure electronic music Petrolio, which will end along the Soča valley.

Enrico Cerrato – electronics




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