Ramba Amadeus does not need to be very specific. With his appearance, sharp humor and musical burlesque he sank deep into our subconsciousness as his skipper of turbofolk. Performingly self-contained Balkan boy multipracts various musical styles and unites them incompatible. In the past few years, his musunga is especially spiced with jazz and an improvised music that fits into his inexhaustible dash of language through business, politics, sports, crime, estradi, religion. He does not owe it to anyone, not even himself.
Its entity is cultivating its natality because quantity produces quality. “Rambo, a human greatness,” is surrounded by five Indians, who faithfully follow his tangle of guitar knots and undoing man by the end of the days of dumb nonsense in bass, keyboards, drums and wind instruments.

Rambo Amadeus aka Antonije Pusic – guitar, voice
???? – bass
???? – keyboards
???? – drums
???? – saxophone
???? – trumpet

WEB: http://www.ramboamadeus.com/


VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nEr3jBUasrA

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