Although the members and members of the almost legendary northern-coastal-upper part of the Salamander Salamander, which originated somewhere in the Tolmin hill, are good acquaintances and friends of Sajeta, it has been a total of eleven years since the last visit. “It’s time,” he was happy to exclaim on the news of the return of this collective of multi-instrumentalists to the Confluence.

After an initial enthusiasm over the mixture of hippie improvisation, psychedelic rock, hybrid folk songs, and disheveled sounding of diverse colors, the ensemble went even deeper into the legacy of sound avant-gardes, which, by humorous and inflamed sensibility, and without excessive intellectual subtonies and rigid concepts, left the spontaneous kneading into a creatively creative a mixture of free improvisation, experimental rock, concrete and ambient music, cabaret, ethno. The extraordinary sounds of the musical experimental circus are added to the amazing sounds and home-made unusual instruments. Considering the mileage and accumulated experience in other bands and projects (Bakalina, Širo, Vasko Atanasovki Trio, Feedback …), it is very unnecessary to justify that we actually have to deal with the home superskupina. And yes, it was time to return.

Dejan Lapanja – drums, sound recorders
Matej Magajne – guitar, bass, sound
Sabina Magajne Bogolin – horn, sound
Neža Naglič – keyboards, speakers
Jani Kutin – voice, pipe bells, sounds, etc.
Just Kutin – bass, hurdy gurdy, balafon, sounds, etc.





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