The foundations of the current Slumberland band can be found in the sound workshop of the Belgian musician and filmmaker Jochem Baelus, who creates a rich arsenal of home-made atypical instruments from sewing machines, deformed knitting needles, old and worn-out faucets, projectors, fans and other mechanical patterns. From them (un) picked out unusual sounds and forests, noise and sound. It is not surprising that, after the release of the debut album, he was invited to the double LP compilation I Said No Doctors !, where Dymaxion Groove compiled performers who created specific sound and self-made methods of music creation with their own hand-made and processed instruments. on the side with Dan Deacon, Silver Apples, David Grubbs, Jade Fairo, etc.

After introductory solo steps last year, he expanded with drummers Alfred Brave of Flying Horseman and Frederick Meulyzer of Stray Dogs, who added organic darkness to the dark and cold music of mechanical machines Slumberland. This year, the band has already been premiere at Ljubljana’s Ment, and on Sajeto it comes with the latest album Sea, sea, sea, drifter / See, see, drifter for the Consouling Sounds label, shot in collaboration with Radwan Ghazi Moumneh from Jerusalem In My Heart. The music experiment, Slumberland, reached deeper into hypnotic melodies with repetitive structures and a growing dynamic. He offers a tense and unpredictable experience of a timeless ritual, which, according to the Belgian magazine HUMO, is a beautiful and unheard-of-see experience.

Jochem Baelus – mechanical machines
Alfred Bravo – drums
Frederik Meulyzer – drums




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