In the past few years, the Austrian Synesthetic Octet has been featured in many jazz festivals, which until recently did not count as the quatraine of the same name, Synesthetic 4. After the last year’s international Jazzfestival Saalfelden, things change, and the quartet, after the June performance in the 60th anniversary park. returns to the Ljubljana Jazz Festival on the big stage of XX. Sajeta.

The connection between the octet and the quintet Synesthetic is the clarinetist Vincent Pongrácz with his fundamental “sinesthetic” concept. Pongrácz in the quartet shares the role of leader with guitarist Peter Rom, in a select group of musicians who have creatively socialized and rolled out under the auspices of the Vienna JazzWerkstatta, which is an important platform for Austrian new jazz. Not only is it easier to expose himself to the guitar in the quartet, but also contributes to the lion’s share of songs. Unlike the octet, which features the combination of jazz and hip-hop, the Synesthetic Quartet is less eclectic, more dynamic, and precise in the repertoire. With a wide range of color shades ranging from beautiful melodies to manic intentions, the quartet should be watched and listened to live because it is fun and, instead of seriousness, a smile starts on the face of the audience.

Vincent Pongrácz – clarinet
Peter Rom – guitar
Manu Mayr – bass
Andreas Lettner – drums





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