The drummer, percussionist, composer and pedagogue Zlatko Kaučič entered the fifth decade of musical creativity last year. On this long journey, which continues to continue and continues continuously, he has dressed the world, played in various chamber and orchestral ensembles, collaborated with numerous eminent names from the world of music, jazz and improvisation, and shares his knowledge and insights with the youth and curious musicians. A restless creative spirit and a researcher call it into continuous research and persistent experimentation with instruments, musical structures and forms. With the rise and splendor of the trumpets, it combines various approaches and does not know the boundaries both within music and in the art itself. She tells stories about music, singing songs, drawing pictures, sculpting sculptures, dancing ballet. Everything that comes under his hands serves him as a new sound sculpture. At solo concerts, which are concrete and physical performances, with organic, elementary and playful force, they turn into an exciting musical adventure, full of unpredictable turns, spontaneous interventions and magical gripes. The infinity and supernatural nature of his creation widen wide.

Zlatko Kaučič – drums, percussions

WEB: http://www.kaucic-zk.si




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