Sajet’ca 2015

Sajet’ca 2015 will be led by:

SAMO KUTIN – Junior Orchestra (Mičken orkester),
Samo is an old Sajeta fellow and an experienced leader of the children’s musical workshop. Our Junior Orchestra will again seek its creativity with various instruments that Samo has put together mostly from used and natural materials. The orchestra will perform its own show on the last day of the festival.

A venue for families where everyone can play, create and work.
Under a 30 m2 tent you will have to opportunity to get involved in a wide range of creative workshops, open discussions and fun games!

Nike is a musician and an artist and has been animating young and old participants for the last 25 years.
At Sajet’ca, our children will take a relaxed and creative dive into the world of nature. They will go hunting for natural materials and turn them into useful products.

Tippi cla(w)n is a clown coming from the Canary Islands with a range of various tricks and his own Indian tent!
He will join us at Sajet’ca with an interactive fire show for children. The visitors will be able to make juggling items and start a mini-circus. This fun adventure will conclude with a carnival parade on the last day of the festival.


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